Bad Hat Harry - 4.5%


Welcome to our 2019 Jaws beer. Celebrate the onset of summer with this blockbusting straw beer. English & American hops combine to create a predatory pint with a monstrous Bite!





Big Sur - 5%


Big Sur is our take on the classic West Coast American IPA. Full to the brim with big punchy flavours of grapefruit, citrus and pine. And an asteritve thirst quenching bitterness on the finish.


Available in 30L Keg Only.



Kölner Dom - 4.2%


Kölner Dom is our homage to the great brewing traditions of Germany. Kölner Dom is a Kölsch style ale. Made with Pilsner and Vienna malts and the finest European hops providing a soft bready background with spicy hop flavours and a hint of citrus. Fermented with ale yeast but lagered at cold temperatures for several weeks resulting in a refreshing crisp finish. A perfect lager substitute


Available in 30L Keg Only



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